Magento Outsourcing

Magento Development Services Outsourcing

Magento is a very advanced platform, and it has a steep learning curve for web developers who start working with it. Sometimes it might be more time and cost-efficient to outsource Magento projects development to experts. Possible scenarios include.

  • Your company works in web development sphere, but you don’t always have Magento projects and don’t need to keep a Magento developer in staff all the time
  • You don’t have any web developers in staff and don’t want or cannot hire them
  • You want your Magento projects to be executed more efficiently
  • You have very complex Magento web development tasks your current team cannot handle
  • You want to reduce your expenses hiring experts from onshore/offshore locations


  • Architect eCommerce solutions with tech savvy, business know-how & certified in-house engineers
  • End-to-end SDLC with Agile methodologies
  • Rapid development with Magento best practices and code standards, ensuring right time-to-market with high performance throughput and within budget
  • Customer-centric solutions for your business needs
  • Consistency in developing applications with different devices/platforms ensuring business agility and flexibility
  • Flexible contract models – full time cooperation or on demand
  • Certified Magento Developers
  • Small Projects Are Okay

We work with small 1-2 person companies, as well as with large corporations. We know you might want to test out our team first, before you commit to a larger project. And we’re okay with that. We have no minimums for working with us.

How it works: We assign a Project Manager(PM) to be your major communication point. You discuss the tasks details, estimates, quotes and timelines with him/her, PM coordinates the work with development, design and QA team, after the work is done and accepted by you we send you a time report and invoice. We work with Magento for more than 6 years, and have solved thousands of tough tasks, gathered tens of man-years experience, delivered hundreds of Magento solutions – let us help you and be your development partner. Outsourcing Magento development to us is easy – we have experienced team of 20+ people and know all ins and outs of Magento. Please feel free to contact us to discuss possible cooperation.

Magento Outstaffing

Dedicated Team to Increase Your Capacity

If you are a digital agency, web agency, or software development company working on Magento projects you might know how difficult it could be to find a developer with proper skills and qualification on overheat job market. It is especially difficult if you need to grow quickly due to increasing number of new projects. The solution could be to hire a dedicated team or developer with required experience in company that provides such services. All our developers are trained to work on Magento platform, according to standards and modern practices. We can offer developers from our pool or select and hire experts for you, if you need any specific skills our team doesn’t have. You can communicate with your dedicated team directly or through Project Manager/Team Lead and you can have all kinds of experts in team – QA, BA, PM, frontend or backend coders, designer, data entry engineers etc. – or you can have just one smart guy to help you with your tasks. We have 20+ Magento developers, including Magento Certified developers – let us help you!

Custom Web Development

Even though most of projects (over 500) our company has delivered during last 8 years were Magento based we have also worked on numerous custom web projects, such as online marketplaces and custom e-commerce applications, online directories and portals, CRM and business automation applications, online auctions and site builders, social networks and SaaS (cloud) applications. So why would anyone develop a custom solution if there are hundreds of content management systems(CMS) and online tools for DIY websites? Usually the reasons are as following:

Evolving requirements. Typical situation for most of startups – market situation, investors, competitors, co-founders constantly bring new ideas, opportunities or challenges and the vision and correspondingly all requirements may change monthly, if not weekly, which make it impossible to select a development platform that meets all these requirements from the very beginning.
Non-standard requirements. Often e-commerce application is required to have some features that base platform(Magento) doesn’t have(e.g. non-standard product types, that standard product search and checkout cannot handle, or CRM features), so it turns out to be easier to make a custom site with some e-commerce features Magento has rather than customize Magento by rewriting half of its original functionality.
Unique functionality. Also often happens with startups, the features the clients want to have are provided by any of available CMS or frameworks isn’t provided by existing CMS and their components. There might be hundreds of other arguments, but the bottom line is – sometimes you have to build a web application from scratch and we can help you with this.

Our technology stack includes Zend framework, Laravel framework, Yii framework, AngularJS, Node.js, MongoDB, Bootstrap CSS, HTML5 and many more on demand.

Magento Web Development

In order for your web store to reach desired business goals you need to plan everything properly and think of many aspects of site’s creation, such as platform choice, design, UI/UX, hosting, catalog structure, SEO etc. Our company has done hundreds of web stores and we can offer our unique Magento Website Development experience to help you build and run your store. Our Turnkey Ecommerce Website Development Package includes selecting hosting and setup of server, design of your store with best UI/UX practices in mind (usability, conversion rate optimization, advanced marketing tools), functionality development (using ready extensions and custom coding), making the site SEO-friendly, fine-tuning site’s speed/performance, migration of data from old site or other data sources, integration with 3rd party applications and services. Later on we can give you a hand with email marketing, Adwords or SEO campaigns, further site development to meet the changing market demands. Since we know the Magento platform very well we can advise on some specific aspects of Magento web design and functionality so don’t hesitate to ask us – we are interested in your success.

Mobile Development

Responsive & App Development

Mobility world grows very faster in the last decade. Let’s power up your business with the strengths of mobile computing. Always updated to latest technologies we offer the best solutions to your mobile needs.Our developers have deep knowledge on both iOS and Android platforms. Let’s make your ideas become concept the prototype then featured products in app stores..


State-of-art App Design

Our designers have been working with US clients so we know how to provide state-of-the-art graphic desiners to your applications. Working with various kinds of ecoomerce systems allows our team to design the best user experience to websites, web applications as well as mobile apps. We work on the concepts until we reach to the point then we deliver final artworks in PSD or AI formats.